What a great weekend

24.06.2017 National Dog Show in Wrocław
Judge Roger Madec (FR)
Our breed girl ANGEL OF LOVE French Angels won intermediate class and she’s got excellent description, place 1/3, CW, CAC she started her way to the Polish Champion ???
We are so proud! Big congratulations to her owner Anna Loręcka ??

International Dog Show in Kołobrzeg, Poland.
Judge Igor Zizevskis (LT)
Our breed girl ANGEL of LOVE French Angels got excellent note and place 4/6.
69 entries in breed. Nice weekend for Love and her Family

Another excellent lectures

I am glad that Poznań has more opportunities for cynological education.
This time I had the pleasure to meet again with professor Wojciech Niżański.
Topics of the meeting included:
1. Caring for newborns
2. The reasons for the puppy’s fall
3. Principles of prevention in dogs
4. Diseases of the prostate and testicles
5. Castration and sterilization

First aid for the dog and the cat course

On 26 and 27 November 2016 I was held a First Aid course dogs and cats. Program of the course:
– the legal aspects of the help for animals
– bases of the anatomy of both the physiology of the dog and the cat
– own and animal safety on the place of the accident
– preliminary and traumatic exmination
– chokings
– cardiopulmonary resuscitation
– the heat stroke and the hyperthermia
– hypothermia
– shock
– flooding
– mechanical grudges – fractures, dislocations, turnings
– wounds, bleeding, bitings and stings
– thermal grudges – burnings and frostbites
– eletric shock
– injured animal in an accident
– sudden states of the nontraumatic extraction


02.07.2016 Seminar with a psychologist and animal behaviorist COAPE Mr. Andrzej Kłosiński

Great seminar with a psychologist and animal behaviorist COAPE Mr. Andrzej Kłosiński. A lot of knowledge and meeting with interesting people.
Andrzej Kłosiński – director of the Centre of Applied Pet Ethology (COAPE) Poland, lecturer COAPE Poland and COAPE UK, animal behaviorist COAPE. MSc Psychology, 2004 -2005 Diploma course at the Centre of Applied Pet Ethology in the UK under the guidance of prof. Peter Neville. COAPE member of the Association of Pet Behaviourists and Trainers, a member of the Polish Society Ethology. Author of numerous publications on behavior therapy, companion animals.